Getting started

A good first step when using Phosh for the first time is to launch the graphical tour app. It introduces you to the general layout and gestures used in Phosh. It can be identified by this icon:

Phosh Tour Icon

Important apps Link to heading

Here’s a list of important apps:

Calls Link to heading

Calls handles phone as well as SIP calls

Calls Icon

Chats Link to heading

The Chats app handles SMS and MMS.

Chats Icon

Web Browsing Link to heading

The popular Firefox browser is used for web browsing:

Firefox Icon

Settings Link to heading

The Settings app (among other things) allows you to join Wi-Fi networks and pair your Bluetooth devices.

Settings Icon

Mobile Settings Link to heading

The Mobile Settings app allows you to configure additional lock screen widgets, visual and haptic feedback of apps, organize your favorite apps and configure the on screen keyboard.

Mobile Settings Icon

Further reading Link to heading

You can find more details (and also information on how to get in touch) in the FAQ. More details about Phosh can be found in About.